North Dakota


Beaver Lake State Park


Beaver Lake State Park is a park in Logan County, North Dakota. Located on Beaver

Lake's west shore, the park's rolling steppes provide beautiful views for the people taking

leisurely walks. Beaver Lake State Park has a very colorful history related to early settlers

 of the Emmons, Logan and McIntosh counties.


The idea for the park first came about on July 14, 1929 when an organization gathered at

the Sheperd's Pavilion, located in the south of the park, to promote its creation. The land

for the park was purchased on August of 1930.


beaver lake state park in north dakota


Improvements for the park was slow during the depression and drought of the 1930's.

They created a dam for Beaver Creek on 1933 which raised the level of the lake. Works Progress Administration, in 1935, were assigned to build the park's pathways and roads, terrace the picnic area and to create and earthen dock.


It is operated as a seasonal park, with camping, picnicking and water-based activities available from mid-May through Labor Day. In the summer, the lake attracts visitors for boating, canoeing, water skiing and fishing.Beaver Lake State Park provides beautiful

scenic views that are great for hiking, camping and picnicking.


Park facilities include two cabins and twenty-five campsites with electrical hookup, water

and sewer system, as well as a playground which provides great fun for the kids

making the park a great place to camp. Beaver Lake State Park is located 17 miles southeast of Napoleon. From Napoleon head south on ND Highway 3 for eight miles,

then head east on the Burnstad Road seven miles to Beaver Lake State Park turn-off.

From there go one mile north and then one mile east.

Near the state park are other interesting places that you might want to visit during your

stay. These places include, the Lawrence Welk Home, the Slade and Long Lake Wildlife Refuges and the Whitestone Battlefield State Historical site. A little known fact about

Beaver Lake is that its campground loop was once the site of an oval horse racing track. Beaver lake today is one of the best places to have a picnic, camp, hike and enjoy water-based activities in North Dakota.


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