North Dakota


Grand Cities Arts Festival


Held over one weekend every June in the cities of Grand Forks, North Dakota and East Grand Forks in Minnesota, The Grand Cities Art Fest is one of the biggest street fair and art festivals in the state.


grand cities arts festival in north dakota


The event includes many exciting activities like antique car shows as well as a cornucopia

 of artists selling their creations in their own booths. There are also many food stalls and

a play area for the children. This festival happens in the downtown areas of both the cities and in the banks of the Red River. The event seems to be getting bigger and better every year in its continuing effort to bring fine arts, fun and entertainment to East Grand Forks

and Grand Forks.


The Grand Cities ArtFest is the premiere arts event in the region, bringing over

35,000 people to downtown Grand Forks the second weekend in June. The

Downtown Leadership Group is dedicated to the promotion and development of

Downtown Grand Forks and East Grand Forks.


The Downtown Leadership Group is a non-profit, private sector organization that was

formed in 2001. Their primary goal is to draw in people and new business to the downtown area to foster economic development and the vitality of downtown as a unique gathering

place for activities of all kinds.


Thousands of art and food lovers alike will flock the city, strolling the pathways of the

Greenway. The Greenway is the result of the aftermath of the Flood of 1997. After

enduring one of the greatest natural disasters of our time, the communities of Grand

Forks and East Grand Forks seized the opportunity to rebuild and reshape their future

along the banks of the Red and Red Lake Rivers.The Greenway provides a unique opportunity for year-round outdoor recreation activities in an urban setting. 


One will see both parents and grandparents pushing strollers, couples

walking hand in hand, pet owners with their dogs, families snacking on the delicious

food for sale and shoppers carrying their bags of newly bought jewelry and other items. 

The atmosphere is vibrant and exciting enough to help revitalize and wash you of your boredom!


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