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Ralph Engelstadt Arena


The Ralph Engelstadt Arena is a fairly new facility that officially opened on October 5, 2001. The creation of the arena cost more than $104 million. Since opening its doors, the arena has played host to many big named entertainers and entertainment such as Tim McGraw, Dennis Miller, Stars on Ice and the Minnesota Wild.


ralph engelstadt arena in north dakota


But perhaps the arena's biggest attraction and the reason for its creation is the

Fighting Sioux Hockey. In its initial season in the new arena, the attendance of the

Fighting Sioux Hockey reached an all time high. Every ticket in the 11,500+ seating

capacity for the arena was sold out in just 43 minutes after the single game tickets went

on sale. The building was designed in keeping with the strong traditions of the University

of Dakota and its Sioux Fighting Hockey kept in mind. UND's tradition is highlighted in the lobby entrance which houses the National Championship trophies as well as memorabilia's

of former greats.


Often said to be one of the the finest facility of the its kind in the world, "The Ralph" boasts

of 48 luxury suites, 2 huge club rooms featuring the longest freestanding the bars in the state. There's also the 10,000 square feet training room which has a weight room, an underwater treadmill, fourteen locker rooms, and an extra olympic sheet of ice.


Ralph Engelstadt Arena Quick Facts:

Hockey seating capacity: 11,640
Basketball seating capacity: 12,119
Concert seating: 13,154
Luxury Suites: 50 (48 full, 2 mini)
Club Seats: 264
2,200 Logos
300 Television Sets
4,000 tons of Steel
3.2 Miles of Brass Accents on the floor
1.1 Million Bricks
$110+ Million Dollar Facility with the Betty Engelstad Sioux Center


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